About Us


Where buyers meet growers

Associated Growers Iberia is a powerful platform to growers and buyers. A permanent trade-fair, where local growers -both large and small- channel their information straight to prospects and buyers. Frequent emails offer up-to-date information, prices and occasional special offers.

Buyers, from all over Europe use this steady flow of information to be informed of the latest movements of the fresh markets, availing themselves to a flow of offers.


They are individuals or entities, consisting of solid professionals, all screened and tested. Of course they meet all basic requirements and conditions demanded by international trading and have the certificates to show for it. Our platform aims for hard working people who love to take good care of both farms and produce. All are being properly coached, when necessary.
We feel privileged that large cooperatives and exporters have also joined our platform, acknowledging this as another useful marketing tool.
All growers provide us constantly with offers and other info, which is duly reflected in frequent newsletters and price lists which are distributed by email to a great many prospects and buyers all over Europe.


Importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, packers, caterers, processors and institutions, all have found their way to the platform. They insist on being kept informed constantly of available fresh produce and demand prompt professional service and excellent merchandise, whenever they trust us with their orders, large or small.

All buyers enjoy solid credit insurance coverage and are therefore entitled to credit facilities. Processors often prefer firm season contracts with reliable partners and our platform proudly offers them specialized suppliers.